21 November, 2008

Business As Usual


Despite the recession it seems as though it’s business as usual within the motorhome and caravan industry.

Although we are all looking more closely at our advertising budgets and many of us have become more wary about which way to advertise, I honestly feel we at World of Motorhomes / Caravans offer a really good value for money way of promoting businesses. We started 5years ago and have kept our prices at the same rate since.

We are lucky to have close contact with lots of businesses in the industry and can therefore keep as much information flowing to our customers on our regular newsletter as well as through our Information Centre.
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We also receive loads of emails on a daily basis and answer as many questions as we can.
Only this week I have just put an article on about the importance of Cam Belts.
This article can be found in our Information Centre within White’s Way.


06 November, 2008

Information Centre

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27 October, 2008

Lunar Motorhome News


Had a good article from Adrian French last week just to keep the industry up dated with the latest Lunar Motorhomes news.
Lunar held their preview of the 2009 range of models at their usual venue, the Farington Lodge Hotel, on 23 September. Adrian reviewed their full range of 2009 models.
To read more about Lunar link to

Adrian also had an Omnistor Awning fitted to his Adria Motorhome. He has reviewed the awning being fitted which appears within our Information Centre, so anybody thinking of having an awning fitted and would like to know more, please read his article.


22 October, 2008


Good to see you all last week at the NEC show.

Everyone, hopefully, had a successful week. Business seemed to be strong. Plenty of good Motorhome and Caravan deals went ahead.

Although the hall seemed to go on for ever, the distance between hall 12 and 17 took about 10 minutes to walk. Nigel had a pedometer and he estimated that he walked nearly 30 miles over the 6 days.

We thought that the show itself was excellent, huge numbers of things to look at, try, sample, poke at, and generally ogle at. We understand that the first day’s attendance was in the region of 10,000 people through the gates. There did not seem to be so many, mainly we think because of the huge amount of space available and the lovely wide corridors everywhere.

To read more about the show http://www.worldofmotorhomes.com/shownews/international-caravan-and-motorhome-show-october-2008.html

To find all the competition winners how entered our prize draws on the Worldofmotorhome stand http://www.worldofmotorhomes.com/advertiser/nec-october-2008-prize-draw-winners.html

We would like to thank Whale, Piantseal, Outsmart the Thief, The Camping and Caravaning Club, for donating the prizes.

Whale: water Systems. http://www.worldofmotorhomes.com/advertiser/whale-water-systems-caravans-bangor.html

Paintseal: Paint and Fabric Protection. http://www.worldofmotorhomes.com/advertiser/paintseal-direct-psd-ltd-derbyshire.html

OutSmart The Thief: Security for your Motorhome or Caravan. http://www.worldofmotorhomes.com/advertiser/outsmart-the-thief-motorhome-and-caravan-security.html

The Camping and Caravan Club; The Oldest and Friendliest Club for all Campers.http://www.worldofmotorhomes.com/advertiser/the-camping-and-caravanning-club-warwickshire.html


10 October, 2008

NEC Show 14th Oct until 19th Oct

Well, it’s been a busy week for all of us getting ready for the NEC show next week. It starts this Tuesday 14th Oct to Sunday 19th Oct,.

For more information use the link below

You can’t believe what will be happening over this weekend in readiness for the show. All the preparation and hard work that will have taken place to get the show underway is amazing.

I’m not sure if I ever thought, until we worked in the industry, how motorhomes and caravans ever got into the building let alone be positioned on the various stands.

Did I think they were perhaps a permanent fixture? Well I can assure you it is complete chaos until the early hours of the morning of the show.

But by 10 am the day of the show it all looks as though it had never moved from the last show.
Let’s hope the week is successful for all!

Please come and visit us in Hall 9 on stand 01 and the World of Motorhome team will be there to advise.

We also have daily competitions running for the whole week so why not try and win one of the amazing prizes on offer? Also please sign up for a newsletter on our home page


02 October, 2008

Malvern This Weekend

Hi ,

Hope to see you all at the Malvern show this weekend.

Come and visit us on the worldofmotorhomes stand.

See the lads Nigel and Chris walking around in their yellow shirts.

Lets hope for some good weather.

Have a great time.


29 September, 2008

Writers Guild

Hi All,

What lovely weather this weekend. Not sure if there were any rallies, but I am sure most of you would have been off somewhere lovely for the weekend.

Nigel and Chris, who work hard to keep http://www.worldofmotorhomes.com/ up and running, had a great weekend at the Caravan Club's Ferry Meadows campsite near Peterborough, with members of the Caravan Writers' Guild. Nigel and Chris have been members of the guild for the last four years and have met some very interesting people. It also keeps us well informed in what's happing in our industry.To view the Ferry Meadows campsite, and all other club sites http://www.caravanclub.co.uk/

The Guild was formed in 1982 when a small group of journalists got together with the objective of creating a professional body that would be recognised by the industry. Since then the Guild has flourished and has become home to many well known names.

Today the Guild acts as an important link between the industry and its writers. Its standing can be judged by the fact that many key players support it through taking out membership under the Guild's Friends scheme. This sponsorship enables it to host various events during the year, all of which provide excellent networking opportunities.Guild members are true professionals and include writers, broadcasters, editors and publishers. They value the kind of benefits that belonging to a professional body can bring.

Membership of the Guild is open to those individuals who have been working in a journalistic capacity in the areas of caravanning, motorhomes or holiday/park homes for at least a year. You may be a writer, journalist, editor or broadcaster and employed in a staff or freelance capacity.
Link on to the Writers Guild website are below http://www.caravanwritersguild.org.uk/benefits.html